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David C.

In June, 2001, I was an active, exercising 45 year old practicing attorney. I had run several marathons and multiple 5, 10 and 13 mile races. On June 25, 2001, I had just finished a 5 mile walk with my wife when my young son challenged me to about a two block sprint. At the end of the run I felt strangely lightheaded. I went home and felt very uncomfortable for several hours before going to the local ER. After several hours of waiting I was told (after an ECG) that I was having a heart attack. It was all so surreal as the medical personnel began giving me clot busters, morphine, etc. Eventually, after several more hours, I was helicoptered about 70 miles to a big city hospital where they performed a quadruple bypass on me the next day. My recuperation went great...until 9/11...THE 9/11 when I watched from the ER as the second plane went into the World Trade Center building as I was being told by a resident that I was having another heart attack. Actually, it was a post operative infection known as Dresslers Syndrome. Since that time and until now my recovery has been fantastic. I walk with my wife almost every day and eat a good diet. My son became an elite high school runner and earned a college scholarship. He is currently planning to train for the Berlin marathon and I’ll be there to cheer him on.

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Heart disease in America causes 2,400 deaths per day. That's an average of one death every 37 seconds. Inspire others to live ProHeart by sharing your story of survival.

David C.

“I watched from the ER as the second plane went into the World Trade Center building…”

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If you suspect a heart attack, call 911 and take aspirin as directed by a doctor.

Aspirin is not appropriate for everyone, so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.