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Ladies, we need to talk. Heart disease is the leading killer of women and it's time to fight back. You can start by downloading Straight Talk: A Woman's Guide to Heart Health to learn from the real-life experiences of everyday women living with heart disease. Then, help protect the ones you love and raise awareness of the risks and symptoms of heart disease by passing the guide along to your mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and communities.

Women & Heart Disease

Women often put their loved ones first, neglecting to take care of themselves. That's why it's so important for women to take a moment to learn a few facts about the nation's #1 killer of women.
  • Over 250,000 women die each year from a heart attack.
  • More than half of those who died suddenly from a heart attack experienced no previous symptoms.
  • Women more often present atypical signs of a heart attack, such as abdominal pain or shortness of breath, without the classic chest pain that many recognize as the symptom of a heart attack.
  • One study suggests that women under the age of 55 who are experiencing a heart attack are nearly seven times more likely to be misdiagnosed than men of the same age.
  • During a suspected heart attack, call 911 and take at least two low dose aspirin (81 mg each) or one regular-strength aspirin (325 mg), as directed by a doctor in order to reduce damage to the heart.

Learn the Warning Signs

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About WomenHeart

WomenHeart: the National Coalition of Women with Heart Disease is the nation's only patient-centered organization dedicated to helping women live longer, healthier lives through heart health advocacy, community education, and the nation's only patient-led support networks for women living with heart disease. Learn more about WomenHeart at womenheart.org/kit.

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Suffering a heart attack can have a profound effect on both survivors and their loved ones. Hear stories from real survivors and inspire others by sharing your own.

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