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Even small changes in your eating habits can add up to big benefits for your heart. A healthy diet can help you lose weight, manage your cholesterol and blood pressure - and give you energy to get through the day.

Are you a heart event survivor? Look for this icon to find content just for you.

Are you a heart event survivor?
"I depend on Bayer aspirin to protect my heart and to reduce my risk of another blood clot."
"Before October 22, 2009 I had no idea what a pulmonary embolism was - nor did I care. To me, that was something that happened to the elderly and at 26 it didn't even touch my radar. My radar was off. I was 26 years old when the doctors gave me the news that I had a blood clot in my lung. At first I didn't think it was serious. I was in a lot of pain, could barely breathe, and yet thought I would be out of the ER in no time. I wouldn't be leaving Wood Winds anytime soon.

In my lifetime, I never thought I would hear my name followed by the words "code blue." The moment the blood clot was discovered, the staff was set into a fury. They explained, "You have a blowout in your lung. Some of your lung sacs ruptured." And then these words came: "You've suffered a very mild stroke." I never thought I would hear AmandaJean and stroke in the same sentence either. But I did. It was real and each moment was uncertain. Upon leaving the hospital, it set in. It set in that I was no longer the same. I felt jaded, cheated, and robbed of my youth. Everyone I encountered in the hospital said, "Wow, you really were born in 82. I am so sorry. You're young, you will bounce back." I get that a lot about being so young.

However, I am living proof that stroke and blood clots know no age. I depend on Bayer aspirin to protect my heart and to reduce my risk of another blood clot. Since my pulmonary embolism-induced stroke, I have started a heart-healthy vitamin K free organic diet and exercise regularly. I cannot run anymore but I do enjoy walks with my dog. I will not let my stroke define me; instead I choose to use it as a tool to educate other women about heart health. We only have one heart in this life and we need to take care of it. We are nothing without our hearts, so I choose to make sure my one and only heart is a healthy heart."
Adults with diabetes are two to four times more likely to have heart disease or a stroke.
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