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Exercise not only burns calories, it can also help your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Your heart will thank you, too. Active people are less likely to get heart disease than people who are sedentary. Talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise routine.

Are you a heart event survivor? Look for this icon to find content just for you.

Are you a heart event survivor?
"The day before, I had been walking the beach alone and I kept breaking out in a cold sweat."
"It started on Sunday morning while getting dressed for church. I told my husband that I needed to go to the ER. The day before, I had been walking the beach alone and I kept breaking out in a cold sweat. I walked back to the house and showered, but continued to sweat off and on. This was an unexpected thing. I didn't even realize till the next morning that something wasn't right with the way I felt. I actually coded at the hospital but was revived. Since this event, I have had 7 heart attacks and two strokes. But actually, I am doing well. Yes, it changed my life, but most people who haven't seen me in a while don't know by looking at me that anything has happened. The reason I think I have survived all this is because of the will to live. I always have eaten healthy and exercised even though you may not think so by looking at me Medications has caused me to not be able to lose weight like I would like, but the Doctor keeps check on all of that."
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