For Heart Event Survivors

Get moving.

How moving your body can help your heart.

Your heart is a muscle, so just like the rest of your body, exercise makes it stronger. Research has shown that regular exercise can lower the risk of heart disease by 50 percent in healthy people, and heart disease patients can cut their risk of dying from heart disease by 30 percent.

Exercise can also reduce your risk of heart disease by:

  • Lowering your risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Improving your blood sugar tolerance if you have diabetes
  • Helping to control high blood pressure
  • Improving your blood lipids, such as cholesterol
  • Supporting your efforts to quit smoking
  • Controlling your weight and body fat

Do your heart a favor.

The first thing to do before you start any exercise regimen is to talk to your doctor. Once you’ve got the go-ahead, these exercise basics can help you put together a plan that works for you. Now that you know all the good things exercise can do for your heart, it’s time to get moving!

"Yes, it is complicated, but with a positive outlook, relaxation techniques, such as meditation and Reiki, plus daily exercise, I am a survivor."
Kathleen P., I am ProHeart Community Member